High School Drawing Lessons Bank

Geometric Drawing Lessons Discovering Shading 

basic drawing Lessons of discovering composition defined as geometric shapes.

One of the best ways to teach drawing is by first teaching

how to build an image or subject using geometric shapes.

This builds confidence in  a beginner and it becomes easier

to coordinate their hand Each time they draw. It is best to

present assignments that first show the work done for them

so they can see how drawing with geometric shapes

should be drawn correctly. I start out with these lessons

first and then allow students to add color or shading.

I find that students love these assignments because they

never thought of seeing an image in this manner and

there is something very relaxing in applying color as first

steps towards learning to draw.

The Bonnell Blooming Geometric Flower

Students discover the beauty of geometry in color and patterns.

The Geometric Blooming Flower_000001.jpg


This lesson is an enjoyable build your own geometric flower.

Students develop their own geometric shapes and add color

as they choose. This lesson is perfect for a whole class, from,

beginner to advanced. Students discover patterns that embellish

their design and then add color. I promote using gradations

because this plan is perfect for such. When teaching the

Blooming Bonnell flower I talk a lot about symmetry, balance,

and how the image would sound if it were a piece of music.

It is a good idea to play jazz music with this lesson because

students Improvise just As Jazz musicians do.

Level One Drawing Using Primary Colors

Discovering the primary colors by layering each color on top of the other.

When teaching about primary colors students rarely 

understand that all colors come from RGB and the

neutral colors of black and white. These lessons allow

for the student to discover the various levels of blending

RGB or Red, Green, and blue. The lesson is incorporated

within learning to draw a dog as well as others. This 

lesson can take up to three class periods to complete.

How To Draw Subjects In 3 Or More Steps

A series of lessons showing how to construct a simple drawing in 3 steps

Most students are afraid to draw because they

have not had good art teaches. These simple

lessons encourage students to draw subjects 

that interest them using three steps of development.

These drawings are designed to make the final

image not too difficult to render. The lessons 

follow the geometric layout of subjects as is

reflected in past lessons.



Renaissance Era-Value Shading Assignments

Drawing & Art History in one lesson covering the greats of the Renaissance Era!

These lessons on the italian Renaissance
are great for introducing students to the time
period and the many famous artists From that
period. Each lesson has a reading about the
artist, a vocabulary word to learn and a detailed
shading assignment allowing the student to make
a Renaissance masterpiece to come alive.


Drawing & Discovering the Impressionists & Their Art

Students discover each of the impressionists and recreate one of their masterpieces
These series of lessons include a reading, an
art term or vocabulary word to memorize and
a shading lesson of an impressionistic masterpiece.
Students use color pencils to recreate each
work of art. These lessons are great to also
teach as painting lessons by adding a que-tip
of baby oil onto the color pencil turning the
piece into an oil painting. The baby oil acts as
a perfect blending tool of color and can help
in producing opaque areas of the image.



Meet the Masters Series

Discovering all the great masters, their art & recreating their most famous masterpieces

Johan Vermeer.jpg
This is one of the best art history/drawing tools
available for art teachers today. Each page contains
a short bio on the master artist along with a drawing
assignment related to values of density and color. there
are over 30 Master lessons here that cover the major
art movements from as early as the Renaissance to 
the new your ash can school.

Forming Composition Using Shadows & Color

A basic drawing lesson that reveals how shadows & color work together to form composition

This is an excellent and simple lesson on
drawing showing how shadows define the
subject matter and color brings the subject
to life. This is a great tool for beginning 
drawing students as well as advanced. it is
a good lesson to give in studying asymmetrical
composition, a birds eye view, and application
of the primary colors plus the neutral color of 

Understanding Symmetry

Lessons that show the dynamic reality of symmetry in everyday life

A great introduction to symmetry
and how to become aware of it
in our every day lives. These proven
lesson sheets make learning symmetry
easy and fun.


Seeing Visual Rhythm

Grab some magazines, scissors, glue sticks and paper and enjoy this lesson!

This 10 page lesson plan includes 3
lesson sheets plus a full lesson on
seeing visual rhythm by using magazines
and contrasting two images. This is a 
good tool for an introduction to seeing
visual rhythm.


The Balance of Life & Design

Dynamic lessons that incorporate math into creating individual designs

This is one of the most popular art lesson plans

that partnerlessons offers. It has several layers

of meaningful applications and creates great

self esteem in students. It is an excellent math

tool for showing the beauty of symmetry, balance

and sequencing. This lesson is one that you 

will enjoy presenting over and over to your



Creating Your Own Superhero In Easy Steps

A beginning drawing lesson on building the human form into a superhero
Every student loves drawing superhero's and
comic book figures. this lesson allows a 
student to see how to create a figure in three
steps and allows them to create their own
interpretation of a superhero.

Discovering the Mandala

A perfect lesson for teaching mandalas!
This lesson presents the history of the mandala
and offers many art work sheets that students
love. Students love this lesson because they
get to express themselves through multiple
means through one of the worlds oldest art

Discovering & Creating 15 Famous African Americans

These lessons are great for special times of the year such as Black History month

These lessons are great for introducing values
and shading to beginning students and advanced
students love them as well. They are perfect for
instruction along with studying american history
of famous african americans.






Discovering & Creating Perspective

Simple lessons on creating 1,2,3, point perspective

This lesson offers 6 art work sheet lessons

and 4 pages of  reading and understanding

perspectives for one to three points. students

work with lesson sheets that enable them to

see perspective on multiple levels.






    Discovering the Master Michelangelo

    Readings, Lessons & More about this great Italian Renaissance Master

    A great lesson to use when studying the renaissance era.
    These lesson sheets provide enjoyable time spent in making
    the masterpieces Michelangelo come alive.

    Understanding Relief Art

    Eleven page lesson plan with 5 art work sheet lessons! An excellent introduction to Relief Art.

    Relief Art Lesson.jpg

    A super lesson to teach to  students when they are 

    studying the civil war. I show the movie, Glory to go

    along with this lesson that students highly enjoy.

    Lessons From Vermeer

    Several lessons taught via 3 art lesson sheets and much more!

    Lessons From Vermeer.Title pdf.jpg

    Vermeer teaches us so much. His understanding of

    perspective, color, and composition are revealed

    in these lessons on this great Dutch Master.

    Magical Math Matrix Art

    The Beauty of Geometric Design of a Triangle Within Symmetry

    Magical Math Matrix Art Cover_Magical Math Matrix Art.jpg

    This is a unique lesson that appeals to students that

    love math over art! it shows the beauty of consistency

    as students develop their own line design using a 

    series of points. This is also a great lesson on symmetry,

    balance and rhythm.

    Shading Rihanna

    A great lesson for students who love this singer!


    Students love to apply their own shading

    to this image of the singer rihanna. Many

    students like to add vibrant colors to her

    hair while other seek to make her look

    realistic using only a lead pencil. Students

    love to have this art sheet to pull out and

    work on in between lessons.

    The Thinker by August Rodin

    This lesson art sheet is perfect for the study of this iconic Sculpture


    The Thinker by Rodin is an iconic work of art

    known throughout the world. This drawing lesson

    allows the student to study the work of art 

    while drawing it to make it come alive.

    Drawing Prince Using Shading Values

    Make Prince Come alive through shading values


    Students love to color only with a more sophisticated 

    image like this one. This can be a color assignment

    in color pencil or lead pencil. Students practice a range

    of values as they fill in the cavities of contour lines

    to make prince come alive.