Middle School Drawing Lessons

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Edward Hopper #2.jpg

Meet the Masters

This is the most popular drawing series available today. It allows students to retain information by using both sides

of their brains at once. While bringing life to a famous painting using only a pencil, or color pencils, students read

and reflect on the artist of the work as well as the piece of art itself. This is an excellent way to teach art history

on every grade level.

Still Life.jpg

Great Organic Line Drawing Presenting Lessons on Shading Techniques

Here are dozens of dynamic shading technique drawing lessons. These detailed work sheets allow students

to practice their drawing and shading skills using several interesting subject matter from famous sports hero's

to still life works. Choose from several subject categories. These lessons are great for using color pencil or lead.

Each lesson presents a paragraph of reading and many of them require evidence of the reading by having the

student respond by creating a sentence using a chosen vocabulary word. These lessons are great to teach

all shading techniques. After students have completed their drawing they can add a drop of baby oil using

a que-tip to blend and create opaque places within the image.

Surreal Eye.jpg

Various  Basic Drawing Lessons that Students Love!

These tried lessons prove to be successful every time. Students love to doodle, sketch, and create with no

pressure on them. These assignments allow them to use both sides of their brains as a result of the reading

material that goes along with each lesson. As the brain relaxes and slows down, it retains information much

more than when it is under pressure. These lessons are great for students to perform at the beginning and

the end of a class period as well.