Video Demonstrations


FREE LESSON- The Magazine Subject Drawing Lesson #1

This lesson demonstrates how realism can occur using correct shading. Students take an image from a magazine and glue it to a card stock. They cut the image in half allowing them to then draw the other half of the face. This lesson builds confidence in learning to shade correctly. It is best to first teach the basic three forms of shading first, then blending techniques.

FREE LESSON-The Magazine Subject Using Primary Colors Lesson #2

This is the advanced lesson of the Magazine Mirror Lesson only the student uses primary colors instead of lead. This lesson should be taught within a unit on color. This lesson is a great introduction to color. Because all printed color comes from RGB students discover this fact from applying the same colors only using primary and neutral colors last. I also encourage students to use a q-tip of baby oil at the end to create a more dynamic illustration by making areas opaque.

FREE LESSON- The Magazine Drawing Lesson #3 

This final series of lessons approaches the application of the pencil by applying a tracing method of transferring the image, then applying color.

Discovering Perspective- Constructing a City Corner 

This is a quick demonstration of the seeing and creating perspective art lesson available in the drawing folder. Teaching perspective can be very difficult, this simple formula art worksheet is great to teach all the four points of perspective.

The Bonnell Blooming Flower Lesson

View a demonstration of this design lesson from start to finish in seconds. This lesson teaches the beauty of mathematical sequencing while giving the student complete control over their design and color. This is a great lesson to compliment any lesson on symmetry. The lesson is found in the drawing lesson section.

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The Balance of Life & Design

This lesson is a quick demonstration of one of the most powerful art lessons you will probably ever teach. It reveals the mathematical beauty of consistency while each student applies their own equation of sequencing numbers using lines to connect the numbers. Students complete the assignment by discovering patterns to embellish with their own chosen colors. This lesson has multiple samples and is found in the drawing folder of lessons.