Meet The Masters-A Combination of Art History and Drawing in One

This is a bank of art lessons on the great master artists going all the way back to the Renaissance. Each art lesson plan contains a reading and a template of a masterpiece from that artist. Students complete the template using shading or values from color pencils or lead to make the masterpiece come alive. When using color pencils students add a drop of baby oil using a que-tip as a brush. This blends the color together to turn the students work into an oil painting. Check out the Meet The Masters series as you go to the drawing tab in both the High School lessons as well as Middle School.

When teaching the Meet the Masters Series it is best to project the original work of art from off the internet onto a large screen in your classroom. This will enable students to see the actual work of art in its original color. Each MTM page has an art vocabulary word that is to be memorized and used in a sentence at the bottom of the page.

Renoir Sample 001.jpg
Daniel Bonnell