Recommended Art Supplies For Your Class

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Student Work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pencils, markers and black ink

Student Work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pencils, markers and black ink

I mostly use color pencils in my class because of the versatility they offer in blending colors, using only selected colors, color theory, and more. My favorite use is adding a que tip of baby oil onto the color once the drawing is mostly finished. This allows for blending areas of a drawing turning a drawing into a painting. Select areas become opaque while others do not. Students love the dynamic of adding the oil because it raises the quality of their art visually.

I strongly recommend using Blick colored pencils because they are more affordable than others fitting into a tight art teachers budget. You have many options on purchasing individual sets or classroom sets. Blick also offers great discounts when you order in bulk. I recommend ordering this way to keep you covered for the entire school year.

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I also use hundreds of quality markers, however, sparingly. Markers offer students a quick rush of fun instantly as opposed to detailed lessons. I always designate a student at each table to be the cap captan to make sure each marker cap is securely closed so as to not dry out. When it comes to ordering the most affordable markers I also stay with blick. You can get directly to their ordering page here.

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